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"Monica teaches my children their Waldorf main lesson classes, on Zoom, 4 days a week.  She begins each morning with a verse and candle lighting.  She gently guides my children into their lessons with confidence and ease. "


-Donna,  Sebastopol, CA


"Monica Ashley is a fantastic art and handwork teacher. She brings broad experience in areas from knitting to painting to drawing to sewing and crochet, always teaching with high quality, natural materials. She shepherds her beginners and more advanced students alike, with kindness, patience, and a true love for creative expression. My daughters gained so much from their time with her and they love her to this day. I am forever grateful for their time with her."

-Sarah,  Santa Rosa, CA

"Our whole family loves Monica - her classes with our three children always brought out the best in everyone and left everyone feeling warm, able, and simply glowing.  Monica brings pure magic to everything she touches.  We always look forward to our next visit."

-Fred and Anna, Richmond, VA

"Monica has worked for our family since 2010, tutoring our homeschooled children. Over the years that we have known her, she has become an indispensable part of our children’s Waldorf education.   She has shown herself to be reliable, dedicated, and very hardworking.  She is extremely talented and we hold her in the highest esteem."


-Jamie and Adria, Occidental, CA


"Monica has been working with both my kids ages 7 and 11 for over 3 years. She worked with them several times a week for several hours each time regularly. She is not just a teacher but a part of our family. The kids are also close with two of her daughter Lily and Elizabeth, who are great role models.   Monica is a well-known staple in our community as a mom, teacher, artist, and friend. Her wisdom, creativity, and charm are unmatched."


-Tamar, San Jose, CA

"We have had the pleasure of having Monica Ashley tutor our 12-year-old daughter, for
the past 8 years. Monica is our daughter’s tutor but really she is so much more. Monica
has proven herself to be reliable, nurturing, trustworthy, talented, respectful, loving, and


-Jenny, Santa Rosa, CA

"While my 90-year-old Mother was in hospice care, Monica would come each week to visit her.  Monica would set up the paints at my mother’s bedside and they would paint together. They wrote letters and organized photo albums.   Having private painting sessions with Monica made the long days more enjoyable for my mother." 


Nancy, Forestville, CA


"I had a lot of fun learning to make a Waldorf doll with Monica. She guided me through the steps in the one day class with patience and clear instructions.  I will cherish this experience forever." 

-Nicky,  Sonoma, CA


"For my son’s eighth grade Waldorf class project, Monica taught doll making and crochet. Over a 2 week period, each student completed a Waldorf doll.  It was a very positive experience for all of the teens."


-Mary,  Sonoma County, CA

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