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homeschooling & private lessons

There are several wonderful curriculums available to parents these days.  Monica has worked through The Christopherus Curriculum, Oak Meadow Curriculum, and The Live Education Curriculum.

Monica’s role is to provide support to the parent and child as they go through their homeschooling journey.   She works closely with parents and helps to create a lasting and positive experience for the whole family. She helps with planning a consistent rhythm for the week. She provides individual tutoring for main lesson, math or language arts, handwork, and art lessons.

Monica enjoyed teacher training and learning about the foundation of Waldorf Education.  She has also been enrolled in many specialty courses at Rudolf Steiner College. Being a homeschool parent, to two of her four children, really helped Monica to understand, the role of the parent, the role of the teacher, and how to best educate her children. 

Currently, Monica tutors students who attend Summerfield Waldorf School, Orchard View Charter, Sun Ridge Charter, Heartwood Charter, Sebastopol Independent, and many students that are registered through the California State Home Study Program.


Legal stuff:  Some children meet with their Charter mentor and turn their work in every two weeks. The Charter keeps an attendance record and files samples for the parent. 


If a parent registers their home as a school, there are legal forms to fill out yearly, for the State of California. Monica can help with submitting those each year in October. She will help with keeping records, work samples, and help with attendance.   

These are the basics and Monica can happily answer questions you may have.

student samples by grade level

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